Niche Therapy

".... to enter the individual perceptual world of the other and feel comfortable in it. It involves being sensitive, minute by minute, to the changing meanings that flow in that person, to fear, anger, tenderness, confusion, or whatever they are experiencing... It means letting them know how you perceive their world as you observe with a clear and fearless gaze the parts of it that frighten them"

Founder of the Humanistic Approach Carl Rogers, 1980

Dynamic partnership and therapeutic relationship with beginning- middle-end/momentum

Short or longer term working together agreement depending on the future goal, the presenting problem and its root cause from the past

Integrated and bespoken session plan

On tangible goals, training and coaching Mind, healing and freeing with success/momentum/ MIND FREE

The core of all therapeutic approaches is the relationship between therapist and client. It is the most important and significant 'tool' in the relationship between these two who interact with each other.

With ‘empathy’, ‘congruence’ and ‘unconditional positive regard’, I create the space and the framework for the client for mutual working agreement and evolvement with authenticity, love and respect.

The driving structure in this relationship is the self-actualization of the client, the fulfillment of his potential and wholeness in their 'life plan' (Adler, Adlerian approach).

We are working together to illuminate its inherent power and to rebuild the strengthening of its strengths.

We work together on the obstacles that he faces in this changing era of his social environment and that he has to cope with.

We work together in the awareness of the perceptions, beliefs, understandings of his or her own and those of 'important people' that for some reason have become entrenched, adopted and function as dysfunctional conditions that manifest themselves in unhealthy thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions or inaction.

We work together with 'tools' of insight and techniques that lead to understanding 'empathically' in the inner, subjective conscious context.

We manage together these pieces of dysfunctional cognitions/beliefs that are in 'conflict' and manifest as symptoms of anxiety, stress, phobias, insecurity, weakness, immobilization, despair in one or more areas of one's life.

We identify together the image of the 'ideal self' on the journey of self- recognition and self-esteem.

We manage together the part that remains 'difficult' and 'rigid' and for some reason in the client's 'reality principle&' is interpreted and offers safety or/and self-punishment, denial or/and displacement, compensation as defence mechanisms.

With relaxation techniques in the conscious mind we talk with this 'difficult part', we recognize it, identify it, give it a 'voice', its role, its function, its purpose, its intention. With revelatory awareness and understanding we give it the 'value' it has had up to now and also 'say goodbye' to it.

We set new, realistic and powerful goals to change transformative thoughts, behaviours, emotions and actions.

Freed from the 'difficult parts' of the past, we focus on the present and envision the future and its potential for self-realization and happiness.

We discuss and decide together 'the life plan' of goal, conquest, fulfillment and success.

With upgraded and redefined cognition, a clear forward-looking view, spiritual clarity and emotional calmness, we plan together the strategy for achieving and fulfilling the goal in the internal and external environment.

With 'exercises', 'mind training', psycho training, reconstruction feedback of dynamic results we continue, sustain from 'I do' to 'I AM', the momentum of success, momentum and celebration!

Free your Mind!

Empower Yourself!

Embrace Happiness!