Transformational Coaching

"...When we discover the secret relations of concepts and walk them in depth we will come out into another kind of clearing which is Poetry. And Poetry is always one as one is the sky. The question is from where one sees the sky. Grab the MUST from the T and pluck it up to the M."

Odysseas Elytis The Little Navigator

Dynamic partnership and therapeutic relationship with beginning- middle-end/momentum

Short or longer term working together agreement depending on the future goal, the presenting problem and its root cause from the past

Integrated and bespoken session plan

On tangible goals, training and coaching Mind, healing and freeing with success/momentum/ MIND FREE

The art of Life Coaching lies in the creation of a dynamic relationship between two people, the life coach and the client, in which the life coach creates a safe environment for energy, action and success. The goals of transformation and change are results-oriented and in the dynamic nature of the person for feelings of competence and excellence, importance and values, love and fulfillment, respect and accomplishment.

My role as a life coach is to develop and empower those elements of your personality that are 'blocked' at the moment and affect one or more areas of your interpersonal relationships in your professional, social and family environment, issues of companionship, friendship, emotional blocks, career blocks, life meaning and purpose goals..

Elements of exploration, empathy and self-awareness:

  • What is stopping you from being yourself and being true to yourself?

  • What prevents you from living your life without denying your subjectivity?

  • What is that part of the past that creates strong feelings in the present?

  • What are the patterns of your behaviour, your thoughts, your emotions that prevent you from 'moving on'?

  • How do you 'hide' behind them and how do they not help you to grow, develop, liberate and achieve your goal?

  • What are your 'resources' and 'options' for your goal?

One of the most important ‘blocks’ that manifests as a limiting belief in a looping cycle of thoughts, behaviors, actions is the distorted belief I AM NOT ENOUGH (Marisa Peer, #iamenoughmovement). Whatever word comes next is our goal within the context of our dynamic relationship for subversion, transformation and change.

In other limiting beliefs we aim at the cause and interpretation/meanings as well as the role, function, purpose, intention of these limiting beliefs that ‘block’ and do not help us to stand on our own feet and take responsibility for our path of evolution and transformation.

As part of our working together agreement we work in and out of sessions with targeted exercises and a focus on change.

Your thoughts and 'your inner dialogue' have a voice, images with emotions within our sessions and are expressed freely, figuratively, fully, psychosomatically and physically.

We move from the present state to the desire state. C.R.A.S.H. state // C.O.A.C.H. state (Robert Dilts, NLP University).

Together we work in the conscious part of the mind with the aim of self- awareness and empathy and when patterns are reflected that hold you back I ask for permission to intervene, explore and give feedback.

Dialogue, communication, unconditional acceptance of the thoughts that influence feelings, behaviour and action are at the core of our work for evolution.

The goals are realistic and are redefined in each session in constant response to daily needs and desires within the defined plan of our cooperation for action, result, success of the goal.

With upgraded and redefined cognition, a clear forward-looking view, spiritual clarity and emotional calmness, we plan together the strategy for achieving and fulfilling the goal in the internal and external environment.

With 'exercises', 'mind training', psychoeducation, restructuring and feedback of dynamic results we continue and maintain from 'doing' to 'becoming' I AM, the momentum of success (momentum)! and celebration!

Free your Mind!

Empower Yourself!

Embrace Happiness!