Dynamic partnership and therapeutic relationship with beginning- middle-end/momentum

Short or longer term working together agreement depending on the future goal, the presenting problem and its root cause from the past

Integrated and bespoken session plan

On tangible goals, training and coaching Mind, healing and freeing with success/momentum/ MIND FREE

Mind free

From wishes To goals/outcomes and achievements

From old beliefs/limiting beliefs To growth mindset

From long life support To strength and awareness

From the presenting issue back To root cause to a free life

From old stuff/bad stuff To life in purpose and motivation

From self-doubt/lack of confidence To self-esteem/self-worth

From problems To challenges

From blocks To opportunities

From childhood traumas To freedom

From victim To victor

From lost and down To life as a whole and fullfilled

From procrastination To determination

From guilt and pain To relief and joy

From stress and anxiey To inner peace and bliss

From depression To transformation

From trouble relationships To personal growth and thriving`

From external long transitions To internal rapid transformations

From the root cause of addictions To a free life and new thinking, behavior, actions

From Conscious Mind-Therapeutic coaching To Subconscious Mind- Therapy/Hypnotherapy

From knowing is power To erase, eradicate, eliminate old beliefs and install, rewire, recode new ones

From Rapid Therapy To neuroplasticity in 21days bespoke audio and Transformation

From harsh harmful critical words To praise, wholeness and greatness

From life long stories (not necessarily yours) To telling yourself a better story

From talking to your Future Self (Visualization) To knowing and embracing your better new self!

From changing your thoughts, words, behavior, actions To changing your life

From fight flight freeze To self care and amazing coping skills

From parts ready To living to free your mind with joy

From Past To Present and Future

Free your Mind!

Empower Yourself!

Embrace Happiness!